FAQs - Natured | Local & Organic Grocery Delivery | Boston

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Commonly Asked
Is delivery free?
When do you deliver?
Where do you deliver?
Do I need to checkout?
How is Natured different?
When do I pay for my order?
How do my groceries arrive?
My Account
How do I create an Account?
How do I access My Account?
What if I forgot my password?
Referring Friends & Family
How do I use referral credits?
How do I keep track of my referrals?
Will my friend know I invited them?
How do I invite someone to eat with Natured?
What if I want to customize my invite message?
Is there really no minimum order?
Do I need to checkout to place my order?
Can I edit my order after shopping?
Why do I see “estimated prices” in my cart?
Why is some food not available?
How do subscriptions work?
Why are subscriptions helpful?
How do I edit my subscriptions?
Why are some items not subscribable?
What if an item I subscribed to is unavailable?
How does Natured choose the food in the market?
What if I have dietary restrictions?
Why is some food not local?
Where do you deliver?
When do you deliver?
How do my groceries arrive?
Is delivery free?
What if something was wrong with my delivery?
Packaging & Glass Bottles
What do I do with my packaging?
Can I really return my glass milk & yogurt bottles?
Can I request to eliminate plastic packaging from my order?
Payment & Receipt
When do I pay for my order?
Does Natured accept EBT/SNAP?
Will I receive a receipt for my order?
How does Natured keep my information safe?
I have a question about my order, where do I go?
I'd like to work at Natured, what should I do?
Can I intern at Natured?
I think I found an issue with Natured's website?
I want to help, how do I provide feedback?
I'm from a news organization & want to get in touch?